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How to Know If You Need Personal Counseling Services?

Seeking out personal counseling services is a sign of strength. It requires fortitude to recognize that something in your life isn’t working for you, and you need guidance to change it. Here we will discuss indications that you could benefit from personal counseling services.

Common Signs That You Need Personal Counseling Services

You probably know when you aren’t feeling like yourself; maybe you can’t pinpoint the source, but something feels “off.” Here are examples of signs that personal counseling services would be beneficial for you:

  • You feel like you’re struggling emotionally.

Everyone feels disappointed, sad, angry, or anxious at times. But if you feel this way frequently or are struggling to enjoy the activities you once enjoyed, it’s probably time to seek help from a licensed therapist.

  • Your relationships are suffering because of your symptoms.

Are you pulling away from relationships and spending too much time alone? Do people, who were once close to you, now seem distant? Or perhaps you’re short-tempered with others. These are all signs that you can benefit from personal counseling support.

  • Your performance at work or school has been impacted.

Is it much more challenging to get motivated for school or work? Maybe you have frequently been absent from work or school. Your performance or grades might be suffering.

  • You are turning to food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex to handle your emotions.

If you’re turning to another substance, even food, to cope with unpleasant emotions, you aren’t alone. Counseling can help you heal the source of the problem and also help you learn healthier coping skills.

  • Your sleep patterns have changed significantly.

You are constantly tired, oversleeping, or you can’t sleep or stay asleep. Depression, anxiety, and changing sleep patterns often go hand-in-hand.

  • Your weight has changed.

You might be unknowingly using food as a way to soothe stress, anxiety, loneliness, fear, and more.

Overeating and undereating might seem like opposites, but at the core of both is the need to fill an empty space — a void. If your weight has changed without intention, counseling services can help.

  • You are having difficulty coping with a loss.

Grief is a powerful emotion; it is the suffering you feel after a loss. That loss can be anything that had meaning for you. Grief can stem from a loss through death or loss of a relationship. Significant life changes, such as job loss, becoming an empty-nester, etc., can also cause grief.

Currently, people are grieving over the loss of their pre-pandemic lifestyle. Grief counseling can help you effectively cope with any area of loss you’re experiencing.

  • You have experienced trauma.

When we think of trauma, we often think of soldiers, but trauma can impact anyone at any age. Trauma is an experience (or multiple experiences) so distressing that it affects your daily functioning.

It’s common to be unaware that past trauma impacts our everyday life experience, and personal counseling services can be very beneficial to overcome the effects of trauma.

  • Your physical health has declined.

Emotional health and mental health are intertwined. If you’re suffering from one health issue after another, you may want to consider the support of counseling services.

If you recognize any of these symptoms manifesting in your life, Eunoia Counseling offers personal counseling services to empower you back to the best version of yourself. Take the first step to a healthier future, and contact us today!