Stress is something few of us can avoid altogether. Ideally, we figure out ways to minimize it whenever and wherever we’re able. When it becomes constant, however, it can form changes in the brain that keep us in a heightened state of reactive worry and emotional fatigue. That in turn can form mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Mental and emotional struggles can be particularly hard on teens, many of whom are still developing their sense of confidence, security and self-identity. Pressures on teens continue to mount when stimuli such as social media, unfiltered information and toxic social circumstances are filling their daily awareness.

If your Bolingbrook teen has been struggling with mental health, it can be hard on both your teen and those who are trying to show support and understanding. There might even be days when you feel like you just don’t know what else to do.

There is hope, and healing and peace can be achieved. Eunoia Counseling provides personal therapy and counseling for teens in Bolingbrook. Our licensed therapists and counselors create a safe environment in which your teen can open up to express and sort through their troubles and develop the tools that can help balance their outlook.

Bolingbrook IL Therapy & Counseling: Navigating the Teen Years

U.S. teenagers have been facing increasing mental-health challenges that particularly spiked during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, in 2021:

37% of high school students reported feeling poor mental health during the pandemic

44% revealed feeling persistently hopeless or sad within the previous year

55% said they had experienced a form of verbal or emotional abuse from a parent or other adult at home

11% identified experiencing physical abuse by a parent or other adult at home

29% reported a parent or other adult at home had lost a job

The CDC also points out that mental health among high-schoolers had already been on the decline before the pandemic began.

Eunoia Counseling understands the collective pain Bolingbrook families experience when their teen is having difficulty with life stressors or an inherited psychiatric condition. Having spent their lives in the Chicagoland area, our teen therapists and counselors can relate to the factors that might affect mental health in the region. We empower our teen clients in Bolingbrook to cope with the common stressors they face so they can thrive.

Therapy & Counseling: Indicators Your Bolingbrook Teen Might Exhibit

Your Bolingbrook teenager may not always want to approach you directly to tell you they need mental-health support, but you can watch for symptoms of a deeper struggle:

sudden changes in academic performance

loss of interest in activities once enjoyed

weight loss or changes in eating habits

disrupted sleep patterns or excessive sleeping

excessive moodiness or crying

personality shifts such as frequent anger outbursts

In some cases, a Bolingbrook teen or family might also have concerns about insurance coverage or the ability to pay for therapy or counseling. No matter the situation, Eunoia Counseling is your professional partner in helping your teen take the next step toward greater healing, peace and clarity. We can also work with you on how to afford the right support for your Bolingbrook teen.

Bolingbrook IL Teen Therapy & Counseling: What’s the Difference?

The terms “teen therapy” and “teen counseling” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinctions that may be helpful to recognize.

Teen counseling typically approaches a mental-health challenge as a particular issue for a certain period, such as struggles with friends or class work during a semester.

Teen therapy approaches mental health as it may apply to issues that are more established and complex. They might be recurring patterns or problems over a longer period, such as anger outbursts or substance abuse throughout high school years.

Bolingbrook IL Teen Therapy & Counseling: What to Expect

A teen might approach their first session with a feeling of doubt, but many often come to engage and even look forward to their time with their counselor or therapist. Our counselors and therapists for Bolingbrook teens are highly skilled and adaptive in connecting with a teen who may be reluctant at first to open up and problem-solve.

Eunoia Counseling provides Bolingbrook teenagers with a neutral spot where they can release their pent-up thoughts and concerns, evaluate them and learn to manage them with a non–family member adult.

We are also happy to involve parents in the process if that will benefit the teen and the family. We often provide parent-coaching sessions to facilitate the growth process and improve overall family support as well.

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