Eunoia Counseling provides caring, one-on-one counseling for individuals who struggle with generalized or situational anxiety. We also specialize in counseling for anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Treatment Near Me: What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a built-in human emotion. It serves to make us aware of what is safe and what is not and, in doing so, contributes to our survival.

For some of us, however, that internal mechanism can self-activate non-stop and fill our inner selves throughout the day. If this continues for too long, it can really start to interfere with our peace of mind and even our ability to function within normal everyday circumstances.

Anxiety also can sometimes be out of proportion from the threats we are actually facing. It may cause us to stay away from people, situations or places unnecessarily. If it lasts long enough, it may advance into depression as well as impact our overall health.

Anxiety might last anywhere from weeks to months to a lifetime. In some cases, it can develop into a sustained disorder.

Anxiety Treatment: Symptoms

Common signs of anxiety can include:

  • nervousness or restlessness
  • sense of looming danger or doom
  • increasing blood pressure
  • quickening breathing
  • trembling
  • sweating
  • feeling weakened or tired
  • difficulty concentrating
  • insomnia
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • uncontrollable worry
  • avoidance of perceived triggers

Anxiety Treatment: Statistics

If you ever find yourself battling anxiety, you are truly not alone. It is the most common mental condition in the U.S.

Consider the following 2023 statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey:

About a third (32.3%) of U.S. adults reported anxiety and depression symptoms.

Age group reporting of symptoms: 49.9% of 18–24; 38% of 25–49; 29.3% of 50–64; and 20.1% of 65 and older

An estimated 31% of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives

3.1% of the U.S. population is affected by general anxiety disorder; only 43.2% of them are receiving treatment.

Anxiety Treatment: Why Is Anxiety So Common?

During the early years of humans, anxiety was a survival asset – a critical emotion that allowed our ancestors to survive in what is known as an Immediate Return Environment.

In that environment, threats and rewards were often clear and immediate. Through anxiety, early humans could quickly recognize danger and make swift decisions when presented with direct problems, such as predators or unsafe conditions.

Today, we occupy a Delayed Return Environment where the outcomes of our choices, decisions and actions are often postponed. We are not staring down a teeth-baring animal. Rather, we are navigating the complexities of modern interaction in which a text not yet responded to can trigger rivers of worry. We become anxious about threats that are not certain or immediate.

Often compounding the problem is that our brains can now become so overtaxed with stress and worry that our fight, flight and freeze responses don’t have a chance to shut down and cool off. They remain on high alert, wearing us down and overwhelming our mental health.

The good news is that anxiety is a treatable and manageable condition. Together with Eunoia Counseling, you can establish an approach to counseling for anxiety that adapts to your specific circumstances and goal in your way at your pace.

Anxiety Therapist Near Me

We provide one-on-one anxiety counseling for:

Adolescents & Teens ׀ The teen years can be tumultuous and filled with strong emotions. Our adolescent and teen “anxiety therapists near me” provides a neutral place for a young person to process and problem-solve during this pivotal time.

Adults & Seniors ׀ At Eunoia Counseling, individual anxiety counseling tailors its focus according to the needs of each distinctive client. With us, you can hit “pause” and reflect on patterns in your life that might be holding you back. This will occur in the presence of a supportive listener who can provide feedback into new thoughts and ideas.

LGBTQIA++ ׀ Eunoia Counseling offers LGBTQIA++ affirming anxiety counseling to those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, transgender or anywhere else on the gender-identity and sexual-orientation spectrum. We are here to support you on your journey and can help you grow in peace and self-love as you embrace the true person you are.

Depending on your situation, your sessions with us might draw from research-based strategies such as:

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

Reading, writing, worksheets and other exercises might contribute to skill-building as well.

Anxiety Counseling Near Me: Benefits

By meeting with us for anxiety counseling, you show that you value yourself through the desire to learn, heal and grow. You can begin to turn away from defeating thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns that might be holding you back from living the life that you wish for.

Together, we move toward clarity, strength and resolve in focusing on a healthy and positive present and future. As you remain dedicated to your anxiety treatment, you can begin to feel personal accomplishments such as:

  • recognizing and avoiding emotional triggers
  • stronger, healthier relationships
  • a fresh perspective on life
  • improving physical health
  • increasing self-esteem and -awareness
  • new insights into the past and the present
  • ways to lower stress and anxiety
  • command of unhealthy thought patterns

We know from experience how powerful anxiety counseling can be in managing and overcoming perceived obstacles in one’s life.

Anxiety Counseling Near Me: Getting Started

Your first session or two will differ from the majority of those that follow. During the initial meetings, we will focus on your individual assessment and the best approach to counseling by reviewing the information provided on the intake form. We also will ask you to delve a bit deeper in some areas to help us gain a better understanding of you as a whole.

It is your opportunity to share your goals and hopes in seeking treatment of anxiety. In addition, we will talk about the scheduling and frequency of sessions as may be best for you at the outset. We further can answer any questions you have about our different types of therapy approaches, as well as our background experience and areas of expertise.

Counseling for Anxiety Near Me: Contact Us Today

Eunoia Counseling supports mental healing and growth by ensuring you have access to the therapeutic tools and techniques that will adapt to your specific circumstances. If you or someone you care about is struggling with anxiety, we are here to support you as you look to heal and grow in your way, in your time and at your pace.

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