Mental Health & Men: Why We Still Need to Talk About It

Mental Health & Men: Why We Still Need to Talk About It

Most of us are aware of the importance of mental health to our overall well-being in the 21st century, especially…

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Teen struggling at school among peers

My High Schooler Needs Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Fewer people today will be surprised to hear that suicidal ideation and suicide attempts are at an all-time high among…

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gender therapy

How Do Parents Support a Child Coming Out as LGBTQIA?

Perhaps your child just came out to you as identifying with the LGBTQIA community in Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Plainfield or…

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preventing bullying naperville youth

Understanding & Preventing Bullying Among Naperville’s Youth

Many of us who live or work in Naperville (IL) or surrounding communities such as Aurora, Bolingbrook, Plainfield and Downers…

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downers grove teen counseling

Downer’s Grove Teen Counseling

Voted by Forbes Magazine as the eighth friendliest town in America, Downer’s Grove, IL, has earned its reputation for being…

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individual therapy aurora

Individual Therapy Aurora

Are you ready to thrive? If you live in or near Aurora, IL, our counselors are here to partner with…

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aurora gender therapy

Aurora Gender Therapy

If you are looking for a safe place to explore questions regarding your gender and live in or near Aurora,…

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teen counseling in bolingbrook

Teen Counseling in Bolingbrook

Bolingbrook, Illinois, is widely recognized as a fabulous community to raise a family. It has maintained much of its small-town…

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Gender Therapy in Downer's Grove

Gender Therapy in Downer’s Grove

Are you confused because how you feel inside doesn’t match how you look outwardly? If so, you aren’t alone. Rest…

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What Is Family Counseling

What Is Family Counseling?

Families are a complex web of interconnected relationships that continually influence each other, and even healthy relationships can sometimes get…

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