For many years, fears, myths and misunderstandings have prevailed about sexual orientation and gender diversity. Misconceptions have created tensions and struggles, especially among young people who are still developing the tools to assert themselves and face potential disapproval.

Eunoia Counseling provides safe, supportive LGBTQIA therapy and gender-affirming therapy for Aurora IL. If you or someone you care about identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning or asexual, you can explore who you are as a person in an accepting, aware and educated environment.

Our therapists are experienced in working with individuals representing the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities. Your background and age do not matter – we support tweens, teens, college students, young adults, adults and seniors alike.

We also provide compassionate counseling for parents and families seeking guidance and understanding as they adapt to the journey of an LGBTQIA loved one.

LGBTQIA & Gender-Affirming Therapy Aurora IL: Why It Matters

At Eunoia Counseling, we understand that only one-third of LGBTQIA youth receive parental acceptance, another one-third experience parental rejection and another one-third maintain secrecy until they are older.

Our affirming professional therapists have meaningful insight into how social identities and systems of oppression intersect. While our culture has made strides in recent years, intolerance, oppression and resistance toward the LGBTQIA community still remain.

At the same time, here are just a few things that might not always be apparent to the wider public about the community:

Around 60% of Americans support same-sex marriages.

One in ten LGBTQ+ Americans are married to a same-sex partner.

LGBTQ+ parents are raising 4% of all adopted children throughout the continental US.

More than 50% of LGBTQ+ Americans hide a personal relationship to avoid judgment.

20% of LGBTQ+ people in the U.S. face discrimination when applying for jobs.

One in ten LGBTQ+ people reported that a healthcare provider refused to see them.

For LGBTQIA individuals, a lack of acceptance can influence self-perceptions that may develop into false personal narratives. With Eunoia Counseling, you have the freedom to establish and embrace the truth about yourself, which is that you are a unique person with your own gifts and characteristics.

Together with us, you can also discuss and heal from what might have been a part of your experience. In some cases, that may have included factors such as:

shame and anxiety caused by feelings of being dysfunctional or flawed

trauma as a result of verbal or physical abuse at the hands of others because of an LGBTQIA identity

hopelessness arising from not feeling accepted or understood because of your identity. You are not alone.

self-harm as a result of inner doubt or external hostility

violence or other hate crime as an unwarranted, misguided expression of fear and prejudice

No sexual orientation or gender identity is better or more normal than another. Our LGBTQIA therapy and gender-affirming therapy for Aurora does not try to change you. We help you celebrate and accept who you are by reinforcing your sense of true self.

LGBTQIA & Gender-Affirming Therapy Aurora IL: What to Expect

Individuals in Aurora who seek LGBTQIA therapy from Eunoia Counseling can expect:

Safety. Feeling whole can seem out of reach when you don’t feel safe. We strive to create an atmosphere of security from the moment we greet you and sit down with you. You are safe and understood with us.

Affirmation. All human beings are original spirits deserving of dignity. Not being seen can be incredibly painful. Conversion-therapy methods and designations of mental illness can cause harm. We remove these obstacles to recognizing and embracing who you are.

Individualism. Knowing you share similarities with others you identify with is important. Beyond that recognition, you are an individual with your own perspectives and challenges to overcome. Our LGBTQIA therapy treats you with impartial respect, including using correct pronouns.

If your journey includes any concerns about mental health, we can help guide you to better understanding it, healing from it and developing meaningful coping mechanisms. Based on what is best for you, we might apply different approaches such as:

We can also connect you with other supportive community resources.

Aurora IL LGBTQIA & Gender-Affirming Therapy: Contact Us Today Your life is meant to be loved, enjoyed and experienced with a full sense of self. We are here for you to help you achieve that peace of mind. If you would like to further discuss our LGBTQIA or gender-affirming therapy for Aurora IL or arrange an appointment, contact us at (630) 340-8747 or

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