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The teenage years can be an intense developmental period filled with highs and lows for both teens and their families. If we factor in the uncertainties of a pandemic, social justice issues, and other world events, it becomes understandable why an increasing number of teens are suffering significant mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.

At Eunoia Counseling, we understand the collective pain families experience when their teens are having difficulty coping with life stressors, and we’re available to guide your teen and family through to a greater sense of wellness and ability to cope.

We are experts in navigating the challenges and opportunities involved in adolescent and teen counseling.

We Understand the Stressors Naperville Area Teens Face

It’s clear; teens are feeling pressure. Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of Mental Health reports a 20 percent increase in anxiety and depression in teens from 2005 to 2018. According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly one in three of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.

Our teen counselors at Eunoia Counseling have spent their lives in the nearby area and understand the unique pressures associated with growing up in the Naperville and surrounding communities. We empower teen clients to cope with the common stressors they face so they can thrive. These stressors may include:

  • Increased academic stressors
  • High levels of competition
  • Busy lifestyles
  • Social media challenges including cyberbullying
  • Increased prevalence of video games

Signs Your Child Can Benefit From Teen Counseling Naperville

The teen years are indeed full of changes and transitions, which can lead to emotional responses that are developmentally normal. Yet, in our culture, we can become desensitized to recognizing when our adolescents and teens need support. We’re accustomed to jokes and memes about teen attitudes, but what if your child’s “attitude problems” are actually a reflection of a deeper pain that needs to be addressed professionally — a pain that can be healed?

Your child usually won’t come to you and tell you they need emotional help, but you can watch for signs that indicate a need for teen counseling.

  • Sudden change in academic performance
  • Loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed
  • Changes in eating habits or weight loss
  • Changes in sleep patterns or excessive sleeping
  • Excessive moodiness or crying
  • Personality shifts such as frequent anger outbursts

You can try to keep communication open with your teen by reassuring your teen that you are a safe person to confide in, and then it’s crucial to stay calm when they do share something hard with you. You can also talk about your experiences and fears as a teen. However, realize that despite your best efforts, it is not unusual for teens to be uncomfortable discussing sensitive topics with their parents, and it’s not a reflection on you.

The teen years are an ideal time to help kids implement healthy coping and communication skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Because the teen brain is still malleable, your child can develop new thinking and behavior skills easier than when they are adults. This means that the challenges you are seeing your teenager deal with now do not need to grow into patterns that will follow them throughout their lives.

Teen Counseling in Naperville

Often teens will hesitantly come into their first counseling session with a feeling of doubt but will engage and even look forward to their sessions before long. Our teen counselors are exceptionally skilled at utilizing out-of-the-box strategies to help connect with adolescents and teens who may be reluctant about entering teen counseling Naperville.

Individual counseling for teens can provide a neutral spot for them to unload, process, and problem-solve with a non-family member adult. Additionally, at Eunoia Counseling, we are happy to involve parents in the counseling process if that will be beneficial. We frequently provide parent-coaching sessions to facilitate the growth process and improve overall family support.

We look forward to helping your teen gain the skills to live their best life. Contact us today!

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