Life teaches us that stress is a part of it and that it’s something few people can avoid. At the same time, we know that stress remains on the rise in our country, particularly among our teens in the era of social media, COVID-19 and instant access to a universe of unfiltered images and information.

If your Plainfield teen has been struggling with stress and a related condition such as depression or anxiety, there is hope and support.

Eunoia Counseling specializes in personal therapy and counseling for Plainfield teens. We are here to understand your teen according to their thoughts and feelings, support them with meaningful feedback and coping mechanisms, and contribute to a balanced outlook that will help guide them through their teen years and into adulthood.

Plainfield (IL) Teens: When Therapy or Counseling Can Be a Guiding Light

The teen years are a time of change and self-discovery. They can also be rife with pressure, doubts and insecurities.

Today’s Plainfield teens may find themselves confronting performance expectations; hormonal swings; shifting friends and social ties; family problems; and worries about climate, costs, political conflict and social injustice – sometimes all at once.

With the addition of endless stimulation and distraction from video-game and mobile-device screen time, already challenging stress can advance into something much more chronic and debilitating.

Consider the following 2021 statistics from Mental Health America:

nearly 14% of teens 12–17 had experienced one or more major depressive episodes within the past year

close to 10% of teens were living with major depression

almost 60% of teens with depression did not receive professional support

Some Plainfield teenagers might be forthcoming in seeking therapy or counseling. Others might be more hesitant about opening up. Some teens or their families might also have concerns about insurance coverage or the ability to pay for therapy or counseling.

No matter what your situation might be, Eunoia Counseling is your caring professional partner in helping your Plainfield teen take the next step toward greater healing, peace and clarity. We can also work with you on how to afford the right support for your child.

Plainfield (IL) Teen Therapy & Counseling: What’s the Difference?

The terms “teen therapy” and “teen counseling” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinctions that may be helpful to recognize.

Teen counseling typically approaches a mental-health challenge as a particular issue for a certain period. For example, maybe the teen has been feeling consistent stress because of struggles with a certain class or a falling out with a friend. Perhaps the discomfort has created increasing thoughts of self-doubt and failed expectations.

Counseling offers problem-solving to help the teen gain control of these thoughts for greater peace of mind. The counseling might last for a few weeks or a full year.

Teen therapy approaches mental health as it may apply to issues that are more established and complex. They might be recurring patterns or problems over a longer period, such as anger outbursts or substance abuse throughout high school years.

Therapy will seek to identify, explain and address the root causes of a teen’s struggles and develop healthy coping mechanisms for them. Depending on the individual, therapy might last from months to years to a lifetime.

Plainfield (IL) Teen Therapy & Counseling: What to Expect

As it concerns mental health among children and teens, while it’s never too late to seek therapy or counseling, the earlier an issue can be recognized and diagnosed, the better.

Some signs that your Plainfield teen may be battling a mental-health problem can include:

  • outbursts and mood swings
  • frequent or spontaneous crying
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • problems with body image
  • weight gain or loss
  • isolation and waning interest in activities
  • falling grades
  • lack of personal hygiene

A young person might approach their first session with a feeling of doubt, but many teens often come to engage and even look forward to their time with their counselor or therapist. Our teen counselors and therapists are highly skilled at applying adaptable techniques and strategies for connecting with a teen who may be reluctant at first.

Eunoia Counseling provides Plainfield teens with a neutral spot where they can unload their thoughts and concerns, evaluate them and problem-solve them with a non–family member adult.

We are also happy to involve parents in the process if that will benefit the teen and the family. We often provide parent-coaching sessions to facilitate the growth process and improve overall family support as well.

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