Teen Depression

Depression and low mood runs rampant in the teen community. Teens today have so much on their plate! Academic stressors, peer conflict/pressure, family stress, hormones, cyber-bullying, and busy lives are all factors that can lead to stress, which, if internalized, can lead to depression. When teens or adolescents haven’t learned healthy coping skills and ways of processing or communicating their feelings; they are likely to hold their stress inside. Much like a volcano, something is likely to blow!

Common Teen Depression Signs & Symptoms

Short term mood changes in adolescent and teenage years are normal, but, if you are seeing certain behaviors in your teen on a more frequent basis, it is probably time to consider counseling. Some warning signs that your teen may be experiencing depression include them showing low motivation to participate in school or outside of school activities, isolating themselves in their room, frequent expression of anger, tearfulness, changes in appetite or energy level and somatic complaints such as headaches or stomachaches. You may also be getting calls or emails on a more frequent basis from staff at school or you may notice that your teen just doesn’t seem like themselves and are smiling less frequently. It is important NOT to ignore some of these telltale signs of teenage depression.

The Eunoia Counseling Method

Eunoia has helped many teens through depression over the last 16 years. We address the cycle of thoughts, behaviors and emotions that interact and bring about depression. Teen depression counseling can be a balance of individual and family sessions that will best suit your teenager’s situation. Your teen will learn coping and communication skills that focus on mindful awareness of their emotions and habits to support better emotional stability. This is called DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

What is DBT Therapy?

DBT therapy focuses on four core skill areas including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal skills. The exercises and strategies utilized and discusses in sessions will equip your teenager with irreplaceable skills that they will utilize for the rest of their lives! Mindfulness allows teens to respond to difficult situations and feelings in more adaptive ways by encouraging acceptance of emotions. People who practice mindfulness are reflective instead of reactive. There is emphasis on staying in the present moment and nonjudgment. There is also an emphasis on helping teens and adolescents stay tuned into their emotional state through better body awareness. Focused attention and improving self-perception are additional areas of focus in teen DBT therapy.

Teens, especially, are often prone extreme ways of thinking that are not helpful, such as black and white thoughts. There is a tendency to respond to events and feelings in an exaggerated way which can lead to heightened stress, anxiety, and depression. A teen that is going through depression is likely viewing the world through a lens that is full of negative filters and perceptions. Eunoia Counseling gives teens the chance to step back, pause, and take on a healthier thinking process will be an instrumental tool in reducing their feelings of depression.

Eunoia Counseling is here to help if your team is struggling… they don’t need to walk through it alone.

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