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Jon Yung

I suffered through anxiety, depression, and a traumatic event during the beginning of my adolescence. In my desperation, I searched for a source of help, and I ended up discovering Lauren. For the past three years, Lauren has aided me in making unbelievable progress. She has helped me identify my dysfunctional thinking and behaviors and correct them. She also taught me a plethora of healthy coping mechanisms to use in place of my previous ones.

Lauren has guided me through years of teenage turmoil, drama, stress, and anxiety. She has helped me process the events in my life in a healthy manner, and identify goals for myself. When I look back on the place I was at when I first met Lauren, I am completely stunned by the progress I’ve made. I never would have thought it to be possible for me to be in such a healthy state of mind, but Lauren has made it possible. To this day, Lauren is continuing to help me grow into a better version of myself.