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Should I Go to Group or Individual Counseling?

Are you trying to decide if you should go to group or individual counseling? You know you need support, but you aren’t sure which kind of counseling is best for your needs.

In group counseling, your therapist works with more than one client at a time, typically in a group of six to twelve. You see how it would be nice to interact with others with similar difficulties, but the thought of that is scary too. So, you consider individual counseling where you might feel safer exploring your feelings.

But you still aren’t sure which kind of counseling to choose. Here we will discuss the advantages of each to help you decide.

Spoiler alert: the answer to the question if you should go to group or individual counseling might not be what you would expect. Read on to learn why!

What are the Advantages of Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling services can help anyone seeking to enhance their lives and their relationships with themselves and others. There are many benefits to individual counseling, and they include:

  1. Treatment is focused on your needs exclusively.
  • If you suffer from social anxiety, one-on-one counseling could be more comfortable.
  • You may be freer to talk about feelings you consider more private.
  • There is a high level of confidentiality just between you and your therapist.
  • Your therapist can incorporate therapeutic strategies tailored to you.

Now that you know some benefits of individual counseling let’s examine the benefits of group counseling.

What are the Advantages of Group Counseling?

Group counseling can be very effective as you feel a sense of community with others similar to you. In addition to usually costing less than individual counseling, some of the many benefits of group counseling may include:

1. You realize you aren’t alone in your struggles.

2. You have opportunities to give and receive support from others.

3. You experience diverse points of view as you learn how others cope with situations similar to yours.

4. You learn to recognize what you’re feeling.

5. Your ability to relate to others in a healthy way expands.

6. You find your voice as you feel safe to discuss your feelings, challenges, and victories with others who understand.

Should You Go to Group or Individual Counseling?

Now that you have read about group and individual counseling’s advantages, are you still having trouble deciding between them? Here is some good news — you don’t have to choose between group or individual counseling at all! Many people participate in both simultaneously — in fact, it’s often ideal as you reap the benefits of both group and individual counseling.

If you only have the time or resources for one kind of therapy, there is no “one size fits all” answer to choosing group or individual counseling. It is a personal choice. One suggestion could be to try both and see which one is most beneficial for you.

Need Help Deciding?

At Eunoia, we can talk with you about your unique needs and help you decide if group counseling,  individual therapy, or any of our other services are best for your situation. We can also discuss our current telehealth options.  Contact us today to begin your journey to wholeness.