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Is Counseling Important for Short-Term and Long-Term Improvement?

It’s no secret that facets of life became unexpectedly and suddenly more difficult for most people in February 2020. And it has shown up in our mental health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anxiety and depressive disorders among adults increased from 36.4% to 41.5% during the five months between August 19, 2020–February 1, 2021.

Fortunately, the stigma regarding mental health is waning, and there is increasing awareness about the tremendous benefits of counseling. More of us are learning the value of investing in our mental health, realizing the positive impact on our lives and the lives of those nearest to us.

Mental health counseling is an effective and valuable investment that empowers you to be the best version of yourself. Counseling is important for short-term and long-term improvement in the quality of your life.

Short-Term Improvements From Counseling

It’s challenging to predict how long it will take to notice improvements once you start counseling because individuals are unique. Your symptoms, diagnosis, and type of counseling impact results, but some short-term positive changes you may see include:

  1. A renewed sense of hope

It’s common to feel like life will never change, particularly when you have tried so hard. But when you find a good connection with your therapist, you will experience a renewed sense of hope that life can be better for you.

  • Feeling heard — possibly for the first time

A core need is to feel heard and understood. Part of experiencing hope is feeling like someone understands you and is willing to come alongside you.

  • Benefits of applying newly learned coping strategies

You will learn new coping strategies that may include things like self-care or grounding techniques. Then, as you put them into practice, you’ll quickly notice that you’re coping better with stressors.

  • Improved communication skills

You begin to notice that the way you communicate with and respond to others changes for the better.

Long-Term Improvements From Counseling

Not only will counseling provide you short-term progress, but you will also recognize improvements for the long term, including:

  1. An overall sense of well-being

Well-being is the ability to experience health and happiness. Counseling helps you achieve this as you glean a sense of meaning and manage stress effectively.

  • Relationships improve

Your relationships improve as you practice healthy communication and boundary-setting where needed. As a result, you may see stronger bonds and less conflict in your relationships.

  • Greater sense of self-awareness

You get to know yourself better and understand more about your needs, desires, and how your choices affect others.

  • Improved physical health

Research has demonstrated direct and indirect relationships between mental health and physical health. So as you become mentally healthier, your body will be healthier too.

Choose Your Next Steps

“Life is a canvas, and you are the artist,” as the saying goes. Life may have handed you a “canvas” that you would never have chosen, but you can choose the paint for the canvas representing your life by investing in your mental health.

We have only scratched the surface of all the life-changing benefits therapy provides. As you can see, counseling is essential for short-term and long-term improvements. Learn more about how you can improve your quality of life by contacting Euonia Counseling.

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