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Gender Therapy in Downer’s Grove

Are you confused because how you feel inside doesn’t match how you look outwardly? If so, you aren’t alone. Rest assured that it’s natural to ask questions about your gender or sexuality. And a qualified gender therapist can help you explore your thoughts to draw conclusions that answer your important questions.

Statistically, mental health complications such as anxiety, depression, and suicide are significantly higher in those who are:

  • Wrestling with accepting their gender identity, or
  • Not receiving acceptance from others regarding their gender identity.   

What are the signs that gender therapy is for you? And how can it help you? We will answer those questions here.

Why Downer’s Grove Gender Therapy?

It’s of utmost importance that you feel safe when you seek answers to questions about your gender. Gender therapy allows you to explore yourself and your gender questions in an emotionally safe environment with a skilled, LGBTQIA-affirming therapist who has specialized training and experience.

At Eunoia Counseling, we compassionately come alongside anyone affected by gender issues or who wants help learning how to support a loved one. Gender therapy centers on your emotional, mental, social, and physical needs and can be very enlightening if you are:

  • Questioning or exploring your gender identity
  • Uncomfortable with aspects of your body
  • Unable to identify with the gender you were assigned at birth
  • Experiencing gender dysphoria
  • Feeling limited by gender stereotypes
  • Needing help coming out or coping with reactions after coming out
  • Needing help dealing with social stigmas
  • Feeling anxious or depressed because of your gender or sexuality
  • Seeking to understand your children or other loved ones better

How Can Gender Therapy Help You?

You’ve taken the courageous first step to talk with a gender therapist, but you still might be wondering how a gender therapist helps you.

Ultimately, gender therapy empowers you. What does that mean exactly? It means that after working with your therapist, you will have the power to make confident decisions for yourself and your future. It means radical self-acceptance.

You won’t be influenced to change your mind about anything. Rather, you will be guided to discover and accept your true self. As a result, shame melts away, and self-confidence grows.

Gender Therapy in Downer’s Grove, IL

You don’t have to sort out your gender questions out alone. Skilled and caring services are available at Eunoia and easily accessible if you live in or near Downer’s Grove, IL.

Take the next step towards self-acceptance and contact Eunoia for an appointment today. You deserve understanding and the tools to live an authentic life free from anxiety and depression.

About Downer’s Grove

What says “Midwest” more than being recognized as the eighth friendliest town in America by Forbes Magazine? In addition to that distinction, Downer’s Grove, IL, has also been named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live by

Its two picturesque forest preserves have earned Downer’s Grove a Tree City USA designation. Linne Woods offers a canoe landing, bike rental, and a picnic grove. Paved and unpaved trails of the North Branch Trail System provide an inspiring environment for hikers.

Its top-ranked schools draw families to Downer’s Grove, and abundant employment opportunities are plentiful for adults through Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, the city’s top employer.